‘Ohana Polynesian Twilight Feast at the Polynesian Village

One of the experiences that has taken on an almost mythical status on Disney-related message boards and blogs is the “Polynesian Twilight Feast,” the room service version of a meal at ‘Ohana. It costs $40 per person, and results in the entire spread of dishes you’d be served in their main dining room being delivered to your resort room where you can enjoy them minus the loud music and random kids activities that so many folks love about eating at ‘Ohana.

Now please keep in mind, we have never actually eaten at ‘Ohana, so this was a first for us.

Yes, we are the minority in the sense that we have no interest whatsoever in stalking the My Disney Experience app for months prior to our trip searching for that coveted, perfectly-timed fireworks reservation at the Polynesian Village Resort’s primary table service restaurant. Perhaps if we had kids, or were big fans of Hawaiian-themed things, maybe we might feel differently. But the live music, big crowds, packed-together tables, and general chaos that we’ve always witnessed every time we walk past ‘Ohana have sent us fleeing. Your mileage, of course, may vary. There’s a reason the reservations book up so far in advance, and it’s because people LOVE this place. It’s considered a “must-do” at WDW, and it very well could be for all we know.

When we stayed at the Tonga building in the Polynesian Village a few months ago, we had the opportunity to actually try the food from ‘Ohana without having to wade through the stroller graveyard that typically forms outside the restaurant’s main entrance each day. We decided to give it a go, so we ordered the Twilight Feast.

You can order the Twilight Feast if you’re staying anywhere at the Polynesian Village, be it the DVC units, the Club Level resort rooms and suites, or the standard resort rooms. It’s considered regular room service, so there will be an additional delivery charge on top of the $40 per person price tag, but for the amount of food you get and the fact you didn’t have to go to all the trouble of snagging an ‘Ohana ADR it’s a great price.

When we talked to our concierge about placing the order, she promptly asked us if we wanted it for 1 person or 2, then immediately added “you’ll want it for 1. Trust me.”

She was right, friends. However many people you’ve got in your in-room dining party, order for half that number. It is a ton of food.

This is a serving FOR ONE PERSON. One. ONE. (Wine not included, unless you’re staying in Tonga where they give those bottles away like they’re cheap dollar-store water)

We scheduled a time for the food to be delivered to our room, and it was pretty much spot-on. The cart they wheel through the doorway is quite intimidating. Even before they pull off the cloche to reveal each dish you’ll already be wondering how in the heck you’re going to be able to eat all of this. Since we had a nice dining table in our suite, the room service person set everything up all fancy for us, so all we had to do was sit down and start getting overwhelmed by the sheer amount of food.

The menu is exactly like you’d get at ‘Ohana:

  • Salad with a sweet vinaigrette dressing
  • Hawaiian rolls with honey butter
  • Dumplings with sauces to dip in
  • Lo Mein-style noodles
  • Sautéed vegetables
  • Rice
  • Chicken wings
  • Meat skewers: shrimp, chicken, steak
  • Slice of bread pudding with caramel sauce (no ice cream, sadly, since it’s room service)
  • Carafe of POG juice
Dumplings, noodles, and vegetables.

Everything was the proper temperature and was cooked well. My favourite part was definitely the salad and noodles, and my husband was pleasantly surprised by the tenderness of the steak. We’d read some ‘Ohana horror stories online about overdone or undercooked steak and chewy chicken, but our plate was fine. The shrimp were especially good and flavorful. The dumplings were OK, but essentially like anything you’d find at any other pseudo-Asian restaurant. The dipping sauces added a nice touch, though. Vegetables were well-seasoned, the salad had the right amount of dressing (we loved the crispy noodles and the cabbage mixed in), and the bread and butter were seriously delicious.

Neither one of us had ever tried the much-coveted ‘Ohana bread pudding before, so we dug into it at the end of our meal expecting our lives to never be the same again. It was.. good, not great. It might’ve been more enjoyable with the ice cream. Maybe you can request it? By the time we thought about it, we were so full we couldn’t string together proper enough sentences to inquire, so perhaps someone else might try in the future and let us know.


Our overall impression of the food from ‘Ohana was “decent.”

Was it worth the $40 for the in-room experience? Yes, but probably only once. We wouldn’t do it again, mostly because it wasn’t the most mind-blowing food we’d had on Disney property. Everything, including the bread, is very sweet. That’s totally fine, especially if you’ve got kids whose palates are more prone to wanting sweet over, say, spicy or sour, but to us the whole meal just read a bit more one-note than what we’d have preferred. It was a lot of fun to eat such a massive meal in the comfort of our room while staring out the patio window at the resort’s marina, and honestly that made the whole meal especially awesome for us. We don’t regret ordering it. For us, it’s still the only way to do ‘Ohana. Quietly.

So next time you’re staying at the Polynesian Village and want a last-minute ‘Ohana fix, the Twilight Feast is the option for those of you in-the-know. Give it a try.

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