About Us

We are a married couple in our 30s living within a feasible driving distance from Disney World. We’re childless by choice, but we do have several dogs that get treated like children! While we certainly don’t have an endless source of disposable income to pour into Disney, we enjoy our trips to the World and we go as often as we can manage. When we go, we like to spend as much (or often more) time enjoying our resort as we do in the parks themselves. The experiences and knowledge we’ve gathered through all our trips inspired us to create this blog.

Our focus here is on the kinds of things we like in a Disney vacation: a nice resort, a place to relax and unwind after lots of walking in the heat all day, a great meal in an immersive setting, a glass of wine or three on our balcony while enjoying the sights and sounds of Disney World, etc. We also understand that vacations, especially Disney vacations, are incredibly subjective and no two people ever want the exact same things out of one. There are countless Disney blogs and travel websites out there, but in our search for good info on the things we like we’ve always come up short. We hope this little blog will help fill the gap in information. Not everyone who ventures down to Orlando is searching for a fun family adventure, and Disney is surprisingly great at offering a whole lot of amazing things for the adults to enjoy.

This blog will be a work-in-progress for a while. If you enjoy reading it, or if you have any questions/comments for us, please reach out!

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