A Not-So-Stellar Yacht Club Update

We usually aren’t big fans of posting about experiences we flat-out didn’t like. Yes, this is *technically* a review blog, but when thinking of topics to cover about Disney World, there are so many wonderful (or at least relatively enjoyable) things we could talk about that it seems silly to take the time to write about something overwhelmingly negative. But since the bulk of our blog visitors over the past several months have found us because of our Yacht Club renovated room stay last year, we think it’s important to post this follow-up based on our most recent stay.

Summary: it didn’t go well.

What the heck are you talking about, you ask in disbelief? This blog raved about how amazing and spectacular and life-changing your first stay at Yacht Club was, how great the rooms were, how above-and-beyond the Club Level staff went to make everything perfect. Why the change of heart?

Let me start by reiterating that yes, the rooms are still some of the very best on Disney property. We had a double queen room this time, and it was just as nice as the king room we had the first time. Overall we prefer having a king room since the double queen rooms tend to have less available space due to the two beds and pull-out couch, but kings aren’t always an option at WDW resorts. The rooms have been kept up quite well. The shower is fabulous, and the beds are insanely comfy.

That, unfortunately, is where the list of “good things at Yacht Club” ends for us.

We booked only a few weeks in advance for this particular trip. We felt fortunate to luck into a Club Level room at Yacht Club on such short notice, since we went during peak convention season and conventions are that resort’s bread-and-butter. Disney Signature Services contacted us within a day or two of booking, as they tend to do nowadays, and we chatted with them briefly. We asked if they could put in a request for a king room, knowing good and well that the likelihood of this being fulfilled on such short notice was probably impossible. We figured it was worth a shot. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Fast-forward to the day we check in.

We got to the resort right at check-in time. To our surprise, the resorts seem to have reinstituted the Club Level cast member who greets you in the lobby and whisks you away to the lounge to check in there, which is a nice touch we think. We got to the 5th floor, were seated in front of a concierge to begin checking in, and the cast member who brought us up there offered us a welcome drink. So far, so good.

The concierge staff on the 5th floor we encountered from then on were almost all, with very little exception, either abrupt, somewhat rude, or just downright dismissive. This was over a three-day period, so unfortunately we can’t assume the best and chock it up to everyone simultaneously having a really bad day.  We asked while we were waiting to finalise our check-in if they’d seen our request for a king room. The concierge replied with something along the lines of, “Nope, no requests on your account. Typical Signature Services.” OK, I guess?

We got to our room and had our bags delivered. The bellman was nice and seemed extremely proud of the resort. This was fantastic. After we unpacked, we headed to the lounge to check out the offerings. We noticed as we made the trek down the hallways that, while the lobby and the rooms themselves were pristine, the hallways looked tired and dated. There were lots of scuffs on the walls, there was a constant stream of construction people doing random projects, and the housekeeping staff left room service trays, plates from the lounge, and piles of dirty towels from rooms in the halls for a decent chunk of the day. It looked unsightly, and kind of took you out of the pleasant and clean feeling you got when you were in your pretty new room.

Now, about the lounge itself. It’s still very nice. But the food offerings were mediocre at best, especially compared to the kinds of stuff they offered a year ago when we first visited. Food wasn’t replenished very quickly, and on more than one occasion I had a concierge huffing behind me waiting for me to get out of the way so they could either clean the espresso machine or get something out of the cabinets which, inconveniently, always managed to be the cabinets near the coffee and tea service area (you know, the busiest area of the whole lounge?). None of them ever said “excuse me,” none of them smiled or acted friendly, nothing. We both felt like nuisances every time we entered the lounge. For the money you pay to stay there, you should at least feel comfortable making a cup of tea without fear of crossing an angry cast member the wrong way.

We had the best luck with the evening staff. Several of them were more friendly, and one or two were really great. I don’t know if the morning staff is just overworked?

Breakfast was the same each day, with only one item changing out. That’s not atypical for Club Levels, however. Evening appetisers were also almost entirely the same, though, which is out of the ordinary. We got tired of the food within two days.

What really soured our opinions the most was the fact that the most basic services the concierge staff do each day, such as making or cancelling reservations and Fast Passes or giving you information about something specific you might need to know during your stay, were either not provided or, if they were, made to seem like they were a major, laborious task that we ought not to have asked for in the first place.

For example: when you check in, they give you a phone number on your welcome letter. That phone number rings directly to the concierge desk on the 5th floor. They tell you if you need anything while you’re in the parks (an extra Fast Pass, to rearrange your dining reservations, etc.), just give them a call. So we did. We called from EPCOT one day, wanting to cancel a dining reservation for later that afternoon and replace it with another at a different restaurant. We’d already done the hard part, which was getting the new reservation via the My Disney Experience app. So we ask the concierge who answered the phone if she could please cancel the first reservation. Now we’ve stayed at every Club Level on WDW property with the exception of Beach Club, and never once during any of our stays anywhere was this ever a problem. We weren’t asking for a table at Be Our Guest for right then, for a party of 8, and a private audience with the Beast afterward or anything. Just a cancellation of a reservation at an EPCOT restaurant that is never booked up anyway. The concierge says, “You’ll have to call the reservation line. And it’ll be $10.” End of conversation. Great, thanks! You only told us to call you for this. exact. reason.

We soon learned that it was worth the effort to go downstairs and talk to the concierge staff at the front desk when we needed to ask about something. The cast members down there were, without fail, all exceptional. We rarely ask for much when we stay at WDW, so I can only imagine what guests with more needs or requests might have to deal with.

Suffice it to say, we did not have the same stellar experience we had a year ago at Yacht Club. The resort itself is still very good. The Club Level is not. It was such a disappointment.

Would we stay there again? No. Do we still recommend everyone give it a try? The resort itself, perhaps, but the Club Level gets a big fat no from us. There are far better Club Level options at WDW.

Hopefully it’ll get better again. But for now, we’re going to steer clear.

A Stay in a Renovated Yacht Club Room

2018 UPDATE: For details of our latest stay at Yacht Club, please check out this post.

We recently had the great luck to check in to Disney’s Yacht Club Resort for a short Club Level stay there. We’d never stayed at YC before — in fact, the only time I’ve ever set foot in the resort at all was for a meal at the Yachtsman Steakhouse a few years ago.

I’ll admit that I didn’t have very high hopes for this stay.

Here’s the thing: the two of us aren’t real big fans of the EPCOT resorts in general. I dislike the theming and weird mini-balconies of Beach Club, and after a less-than-stellar experience at Boardwalk Inn last month I don’t know when we’ll ever be back over on that side of Crescent Lake. So when we booked Yacht Club last-minute, we went in with low expectations, hoping to maybe come out of it not hating it. It was the only deluxe resort with Club Level availability for our dates. That didn’t give us much hope.

Let’s just say we were so, so, so very wrong about Yacht Club.

Basically everything we experienced there was stellar. Not just stellar in terms of Disney resorts, but stellar in terms of being on par with high-end hotels anywhere. They’re really trying hard over at YC, and it shows.

One of the perks of booking a Club Level stay at a Disney resort is a curbside greeting from a concierge, who takes you immediately up to the club lounge to do all your check-in stuff. Here’s the thing, though: it rarely happens anymore. At least in our experience. Out of all the CL stays we’ve had the past two years, we’ve only been greeted curbside once, and that was at the Contemporary Resort. The no-curbside-greeting trend continued at YC. We’re OK with this, so it’s not a huge deal. We went inside, did a partial check-in at the main desk, then got whisked upstairs to the 5th floor Regatta Club.

The lobby at YC is really beautiful. I can see why it wouldn’t necessarily appeal too much to children, however, so keep that in mind. It’s very adult, in the sense that it’s meant to look like the grand lobbies of old steamliners. Lots of leather, nautical details, a huge globe, etc.


Check out that globe!

The 5th floor itself is all Club Level rooms. It’s secure-access, meaning you’ll need to scan your MagicBand to be able to select “5” in the elevator. This is pretty standard at Disney resorts. When you walk out of the elevator, you see two concierge desks. That’s where they’ll check you in. We were immediately asked if we’d like a drink while we sat, so naturally we obliged.


The welcome drink at YC is a strawberry-infused champagne. It was delicious. The trend of special Club Level welcome drinks is sadly dying at many other resorts, so I was thrilled to see it alive and well here. We had two apiece, cause vacation.

The Regatta Club lounge itself is very beautiful, having been renovated only a year or so ago.

Some photos of the seating areas:

The lounge itself isn’t enormous, but they utilize the space extremely well. It never felt crowded even when a number of the tables were taken. There is also some seating on the balcony overlooking the entrance to the resort.


The serving areas were nicely laid out, too.

They had the standard CL espresso maker (Nespresso pod-based), as well as fresh coffee dispensed next to it. Iced tea, lemonade, and water were also available all day. The lounge closed briefly in between the posted serving times, typically for around 30 minutes total, but if you needed anything you just asked one of the folks at the concierge desks and they’d get it for you. I did this twice and they were very kind about it.

Snacks included Old Bay seasoned potato chips (THESE WERE HEAVEN), make-your-own trail mix, cookies, and fruit.

Breakfast was ample, with pastrami-style salmon with capers/onions/eggs, delicious cheese grits, cheeses, hard-boiled eggs, pastries and breads, and tons of fresh fruit.

Dinner selections included shaved roast beef on toast with horseradish cream and onion jam, a chickpea salad, quinoa salad, a large cheese assortment, vegetables and hummus, and some kid choices like fancy PB&J and pigs-in-a-blanket. There is a chef from some of the restaurants on property that prepares the food now, which has become standard across all the CLs. This one was very creative. We loved the food he put out.

But here’s the most important part: the alcohol selection! For beers, they had Bud Light, Yuengling, Sam Adams Winter Ale, and Longboard Lager (the kind they also have at the Polynesian Village). Wines included a Cabernet, Chardonnay, Sparkling, and our favorite: a South American Carmenere. You don’t see those every day, and this one was delicious. Nightly cordials included Grand Marnier, Kahlua, and Amarula (the kind with the elephant on it, in case you’re familiar).

The staff in the lounge were some of the best we’ve encountered on property. You could see the pride they took in keeping that lounge spotless and beautiful. We were truly impressed.


So you’ll notice I haven’t mentioned the room yet. There’s a reason for that.

The rooms here are all freshly renovated. When I say “freshly renovated,” I mean we were legitimately the first human beings to stay in this room since it was finished. Talk about smelling fresh and clean.

We’d initially booked a standard Club Level room, which includes two Queen beds and a pull-out sofa. We asked the concierge who checked us in if they had King rooms on the Club Level floor, since we had no idea and we’ve been to several CLs that don’t (I’m looking at you, Polynesian Village). She said they did, picked up the phone, and literally ten minutes and a strawberry champagne later we were in a brand-new King room with a lagoon view. That’s some serious pixie dust! Thank you, Yacht Club! We love y’all!

I could write a book about how amazing the renovated rooms are, but I’ll let the photos speak for themselves for a moment.

That bed might’ve been the most comfortable hotel bed I’ve ever slept in.

A few notes on the room renovation:

  • There is a ridiculous amount of storage in these rooms. We had a King room with a maximum occupancy of 2, and I swear we could’ve stored enough stuff for 3 large families in here and still had drawer space left over. The bed also had space underneath, since Disney’s going in the no-box-spring direction now, which I love.
  • The countertops are all real marble. They’re impressive. I was impressed.
  • There are little book-lights hidden in the headboard of the bed.
  • The shower was legit. You’ll wanna camp out in there.
  • It felt like staying in a really nice, very large stateroom on a ship. Obviously that’s the theme Disney is going for here, but I can attest to the fact that they got the theme immersion down 100% on this. It’s nautical, but doesn’t feel like you’re sleeping in a Long John Silvers circa 1989.

Are there Disney touches in the rooms? Yes. They’re subtle, but super adorable.

Here’s one:


And here’s my all-time favorite: the curtains. It took me a few minutes to notice it, but once I did, I was in love.



Our overall impressions of Yacht Club are incredibly positive. We went in expecting to be disappointed. We left hoping to come back and stay again soon. Yacht Club is officially our one and only when it comes to EPCOT resorts now.

As of this post, only the 5th floor rooms are fully renovated. That means if you want a renovated room and you’re staying at YC within the next month, you’ll only guarantee yourself one by booking Club Level standard rooms. The suites are NOT finished, but they’re located on other floors. We saw them working on one while we were there.


I hope you’ve enjoyed our first post. We’ll be adding a lot more soon, so please check back! If you have any questions or comments, let us know.